Goodbye Blogger; Hello Wordpress!

Shifting homes is sad, especially when you've been there for (a bit) more than a year, and you've entertained 10,000 unique visitors and some 50K page loads.

You get use to it your little place in cyberspace, and start feeling homely, but ofcourse there are those things that bog you down, and when they start creeping up, you feel like trying out another place. It's a tough choice, to go into the unknown again.

But it has to be done, I've made up my mind this time (there have been may times I tried before). So What can I say the times have been good, but I'm hoping for better times.

After all if it doesn't work out, I'll still have my old home. So then it won't be good bye, but see you later!

So, please drop in for a cup of Sri Lankan tea and my usual rants HERE!

PS - Don't forget to let me know, what you think of my new home. Comments and criticism, welcome as usual!

PPS - Taking a pick from Cerno's post, let me take this opportunity to thank Indi, the janitor and the brain child of Kottu (I believe). You see without Kottu, many of my visitors wouldn't have found the road to the place I call home.

Claymore found at Summit Flats

The Airforce has found a claymore mine near Summit Flats close to TNA MP Sivajilingham's house. The Air Force Commander's residence is also in close proximity.

The Price of Vigilance and Living in Terror

The news items followed after the Blast in Nugegoda, apart giving out different death tolls had one thing in common. That was the message from Brig. Udaya Nanayakkara asking the public to be vigilant and noticed any suspicious activity or parcel to notify the Police, and not to act on their own.

"So what if you see a suspicious parcel, notify the authorities and half an hour later your still looking at the bloody parcel waiting for the cops."

This is not a hypothetical situation. This was the actual situation at the site of No-Limit, the Clothing Store where there Blast occurred in Nugegoda. After waiting for 30 mins, for the Kohuwela police who are literally next door, the security guards together with a Traffic Cop decided to do their own poking.

As to whether the Bomb was on a timer, or whether it was detonated using a Mobile phone or some sort of a remote by an unsuspecting Terrorist silently watching all this happen we are yet to know. It's easy for us to blame the poor security guards, but what about the response time of the so called emergency unit.

Anyway, what I want to focus on this is not who to blame, and how this matter can be resolved as we all have our own opinions on that. I just wanted to stress the fact that, after some time I think it was the Kebtigallawa Massacre, (which seems like ages to us as everything becomes second nature to us) the LTTE or the Cowardly Pussies (as identified by some in the blogsphere, including my self) have resorted to targeting civilians, after a host of missed attempts on high profilers.

Upto now we happy go lucky folk were pretty much ok, although bombs went off in our backyard, it was targeted at some bugger who wizez past in a couple of Range Rovers accompanied by about 10 Defenders (just the AD for the Rover Company one would think). To get caught in one of those bombs, you really have to be unlucky. A by-stander on the road, a motorist on the opposite lane of traffic etc.

But when these buggers start dropping off parcels at Sunday Polas and Shopping Complex's your chances of getting bumped off are more. Very much more than a Guy in a Sarong, with a Crimson shawl around his neck traveling in a Level 3 Armour'ed RR. What I am trying to say is that while certain Ministers may point out that these are the last tactics of the Tigers, blah blah, while there might be some truth to it, you cant take away the fact that the terror has moved from our back yard to our door step. The very fact that schools were closed and Liberty Plaza was sweep'ed for bombs are mere examples of this. After all that parcel could have been delivered to ODEL, House of Fashion or your door step.

Blast in Nugegoda - Sri Lanka

Just received news of a Blast at the Nugegoda Junction. No news of casualties and who (if any) was the target of the Explosion.

Will update when I hear more... Looks like there will be some post celebrations by the Big Kitty after all.


The Sirasa Breaking news reads as a Vehicle near the Nugegoda Traffic lights exploded and caused a fire (Duh..). There is no indication whether this is a terrorist activity or a merely car blowing up.

Now what are the odds of that?

Meanwhile I'm stuck at work, as the roads are jammed with Traffic, with commuters shifting to alternative routes.


Appearently it's not an explosion in a Car at all. Supposedly some bloke had handed over a Parcel to Security Guard at the New Shopping Complex near The Nugegoda/Highlevel Road Traffic Lights. When accepting/poking the parcel they suspect the explosion to have occurred.

The Cat Survies the Blast in Narahenpita - Sri Lanka

Douglas Devananda, who shall be referred to as the "Cat" here after (by me for successfully surviving a good 9 times of more) survived another attack on his life this morning. This time it was a female suicide bomber, apparently appearing to be a polio/handicapped patient. Well the bomber was stopped at the entrance to his office, and she had 2 options available :
  • Get Caught -or-
  • Go with a out BANG!
Obviously choosing the latter, she took the lives of 2 other security men of Dougy, and seriously injured a few. The fatalities could have increased if she had gotten any closer, being an Open Day for public to meet the "Cat" himself and discuss what ever issues they had.